25th June 2018

Romeo And Juliet Essay

Language-{Metaphor} Shakespeare uses metaphors to convey fate in the story his idea was that fate has us and we cant do anything about it. Metaphors are used alot  in the book and are one of the most important things there. After romeo had a bad dream of how he was going to die he says ‘He that hath steerage of my course  direct my sail’. what he means here is that fate is real and he’s not going to control fate and that he will just go with it. The person directing his sail  is god and he hopes he will steer him in the right direction.

Dramatic irony

Dramatic irony happens a lot in this but how he uses it is special only cause you know its going to happen. Like when romeo thinks Juliet is dead so he plans to kill himself next to her so they can be together but just as he drinks a Poisson to kill himself. she wakes up. And the only reason this was the outcome to the story was because he didn’t get the letter with is irony.And Juliet thought they were going to live happily ever after. And this is because of one little letter. The irony of missing one peace  of paper and the outcome becoming death.(Quote)Fair john ‘I could not send it,here it is again,Nor get a messenger to bring it thee,So fearful were they of infection’. Fair John couldn’t send the letter meaning romeo couldn’t have known Juliet death was fake.And Fair Lawrence knew there was something bad was going to happen.

Pathetic Fallacy

Juliet came from a rich and posh up bring and well romeo didn’t. The couple would be unexpected in real life. She didn’t have to try hard to hide the relationship cause it was totally unexpected.When Juliet was growing up she would have thought of her prince being more of a higher class not that romeo isn’t just that he isn’t rich. The two family have a feud which doesn’t help with the star struck lovers.The setting is in history and its forbidden love which sets the tone between the two which causes the situation of emotions. Juliet parents are basically making an arranged wedding for her yet she has already gotten married. And this would have been unexpected from her parents cause they think that she would never marry someone like romeo.


In the prologue it explains what happens at the end of the book. It gives the readers a reason to find out why two lovers were really happy with each other commit suicide. It means they have to read the rest of the book to find out what drove romeo and juliet to do this. Two lovers don’t just end there life because they want to. They were driven to kill themselves and that’s what the readers want to  find out. Some people may see it as a spoiler but i see it as a great way to draw people in to see what caused the event to happen. I have never reed a book with  a prologue that spoilers the end and doesn’t ruin the whole book.


This book is tragic yet great cause of what happens and how it happens I would suggest this to anyone who’s into any of these kind of books the languages is amazing and the plot is mind blowing. I hope you have enjoyed this review on  romeo and juliet.

By E.L



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  1. Intro: Define what fate is, and briefly outline how it comes up (basically the titles of each paragraph)

    Prologue: Everything was pre-determined, even in the play.


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